Face Comparisons

This page is for comparing images of the men in the Khufu photo with other images that we have of the soldier concerned.

The page will be used to enable descendant families to view their soldier in a unique and comparative manner; not all of the soldiers in the Pyramid image will be featured here.

The images shown may change from time to time to enable different families to view their soldier/s. Khufu/Cheops Image crop will be on the left  -  with a comparison image on right.

The first example shown below is of Cheops ID# 120 (taken on 10 Jan 1915), with a comparative image taken at the Sphinx in late March 1915. This soldier has been positively identified as 136 Private (later Captain) Frederick Albrecht.

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Other soldiers are shown below, some may yet to be positively identified

ID# 024 - ID confirmed

024m1  024m2



ID# 196 - Confirmed

196m1  196m2






More to come