Index of 11th Battalion soldiers who died on 25th April 1915.


Australian oficer at Lancashire Landing Cemtery Gallipoli - ex naa g00419


We currently have  69 11th Battalion Soldiers who died on the day of the Gallipoli landing in our index below.

These men were either;

  • Recorded as killed in action on the 25th April 1915
  • Later declared killed on the day as a result of Courts of Inquiry
  • Identified as KIA on the day by evidence obtained from other sources such as first hand accounts, from letters, diaries, or Red Cross records

26 of these men are currently identified in the Khufu pyramid photo; they are shown in the index below with their Photo ID#'s with a crop of their Khufu image. 

34 men who are possibly in the Khufu image are yet to be identified, these men are shown as NYF (Not Yet Found) in the table. There is a photo crop of  16 of the unidentified men shown below. 

19 of these 34 men are likely to be in the Khufu photo, but It is also likely that some of them were elsewhere when the photo was taken. 4 are reinforcements who won't be in the photo.


We are yet to obtain photos of  19 of the 69 men who died on 25 April 1915,

There is a total of  9 men noted in the table as not being in the Khufu photo. All of these men were reinforcements and arrived in Egypt after the 11th Battalion photo was taken.

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11th Battalion Roll of Honour Panels Men Killed 25 April 1915

Western Australian State War Memorial Obelisk, Kings Park, Perth, WAWestern Australian State War Memorial plaque close-up, Kings Park, Perth WA

11th Battalion Roll of Honour - Panel 1

11th Battalion KIA's 25 April 1915 Panel 1 - State War Memorial Crypt, Kings Park, Perth Western Australia

11th Battalion Roll of Honour - Panel 2

11th Battalion KIA's 25 April 1915 Panel 2 - State War Memorial Crypt, Kings Park, Perth Western Australia

State War Memorial Crypt - Kings Park Perth Western Australia





Index of 11th Battalion Soldiers known to have died on 25 April 1915

Photo ID#



Given Names



Enlist Coy


Birth Place

343 343 Adcock FHB 394 Pte D kia 150425 ADCOCK Frank Henry Burton 394 Private D Coy 24 Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire, England
341 Adcock, Frederick Brenckley 1044 Private - KIA 150425 ADCOCK Frederick Brenckley 1044 Private D Coy 21 Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire, England
691 691 ANNEAR William Richard -- Captain A Coy 40 Ballarat, Victoria, Australia
188 188 BAILEY *** Ben Harold 272 Private C Coy 21 Bunbury, Western Australia
499 499 BATTYE Crispin Kenworthy 864 Private H Coy 40 Adelaide, South Australia
624 624 BELL George 275 Private C Coy 27 New Nuce, Wigtonshire, Scotland
082 082 BIGNELL Edwin Allen 1078 Private H Coy 35 Port Augusta, South Australia
292 292 BOARDMAN Henry Edward 754 Private G Coy 24 Adelaide, South Australia
587 587 BOLLE Cyril 757 Lance Corporal G Coy 22 Broken Hill, New South Wales, Australia
036 BONAVIA Charles Emmanuel 157 Private B Coy 27 Valletta, Isle of Malta
NYF   noimage 100a BROWN Charles George 1008 Private A Coy 22 Aberdeenshire, Scotland
NYF   noimage 100a CALDERBANK Hugh 161 Lance Sergeant B Coy 32 Wilfrid, Standish, Lancashire, England
NYF Calderwood William 419 Pte - KIA 150425 CALDERWOOD William 419 Private D Coy 31 Belfast, Ireland
Carrington James Edward 1 ex Maxine Swan CARRINGTON James Edward 412 Private D Coy 33 Bendigo, Victoria, Australia
NYF Carroll Thomas George ex wm150917 CARROLL Thomas George 1015 Private E Coy 23 Dongara, Western Australia
Not in Khufu Photo  Catlin RH 1113 Pte 1reif kia 150425 CATLIN Robert Henry 1113 Private 1st Reif 26 Reidsdale, Braidwood, New South Wales
NYF  noimage 100a CHAMBERLAIN John 420 Sergeant D Coy 32 Surrey, England
NYF  noimage 100a CLARKE AKA PRING William AKA Harold James 880 Private H Coy 24 Bristol, England
NYF  noimage 100a COLEMAN Edward 647 Private F Coy 24 Toolamba, Victoria, Australia
NYF  noimage 100a COTTRELL Fothergill William Swinfen 288 Private C Coy 21 Edgboltom, Birmingham, Warwick, England
083 083 Crerar DK 973 Pte H KIA 150425 CRERAR *** David Knox 873 Private H Coy 27 Wood Green, Middlesex,England
397 DEVENISH Arthur Lancelot 423 Private D Coy 21 Northam, Western Australia
NYF  noimage 100a DOW John 532 Private E Coy 25 Port Allen, Errol, Perthshire, Scotland
NYF Duckworth John Currie Pte 385 Sigs CCoy kia 150425 DUCKWORTH John Currie 385 Private Sigs 36 Portsmouth, Hampshire, England
NYF  noimage 100a DUFFETT Richard Thomas 771 Private G Coy 24 Manchester, England
NYF  noimage 100a EDGAR Wolverton Mason 535 Private E Coy 37 Preston, Lancashire, England
114  114 y Ferguson JJ Pte B kia 150425 CCL FERGUSON Gerald James AKA John James 169 Private (Drummer) B Coy 19 North Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
075 GARDEN John 303 Pte KIA 150425 GARDEN John 303 Private C Coy 23 Stonehaven, Kincardinshire, Scotland
NYF  noimage 100a GARNER Alexander Francis 1085 Private G Coy 32 Redfern, New South Wales, Australia
NYF Genery Walter John 176 Pte B Coy KIA 150425 ex Shirley Frearson GENERY Walter John 176 Private B Coy 26 Yass, New South Wales, Australia
400 Hearle Ernest Alfred 444 Pte KIA 150425 HEARLE Ernest Alfred 444 Private D Coy 21 Adelaide, South Australia
NYF Hill Wilfred Carl Pte 669 KIA 150425 ex Muriel Gilmore HILL Wilfred Carl 669 Private F Coy 23 Burwood, New South Wales, Australia


220 HOBBS William 312 Private C Coy 21 Bideford, Devon, England
NYF  noimage 100a HOLCOMBE Cuthbert Oliver 965 Lance Corporal B Coy 33 London, Middlesex, England
Not in Khufu Photo Inman John William kia 150425 ex Ted Inman INMAN John William 1202 Private 1st Reif 26 Emerald, Victoria, Australia
NYF Job Leslie 674 Pte F KIA 150425 ex Warren Job JOB Leslie 674 Corporal F Coy 21 Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
NYF  noimage 100a JOHNSTON Frederick William 920 Private H Coy 33 Carlisle, England
663 663 JOY Ivo Brien 919 Lance Sergeant H Coy 19 Murrumbeena, Victoria, Australia
Not in Khufu Photo  Kiely Patrick Francis 1371 Pte 2r -KIA 150425 KIELY Patrick Francis 1371 Private 2nd Reif 29 Cork, Ireland
Not in Khufu Photo LANGDON Leslie John Pte 1144 KIA 150425 awm H06395 LANGDON Leslie John 1144 Private 1st Reif 29 Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
485 485 LARTER *** George 801 Corporal G Coy 23 London, Middlesex, England
Not in Khufu Photo Mackie Robert Stirling 1155 Pte Bugler 1reif kia 150425 MACKIE Robert Stirling 1155 Private (Bugler) 1st Reif 20 Dalmuir, Dumbartonshire, Scotland
NYF  noimage 100a MAYNE *** William Henry 455 Private D Coy 30 Brewarrina, New South Wales, Australia
NYF McJannet FRR 698 Pte - KIA 150425 McJANNET Francis Ronald Reid 698 Private F Coy 23 Dumfrieshire, Scotland
Not in Khufu Photo  McPhail A 1157 Pte 1r kia 150425 nic McPHAIL Alexander 'Alec' McLiver 1157 Private 1st Reif 25 Bowmore, Kicarrow, Argyleshire, Scotland
NYF  Munro D 73 Pte A kia 150425 MUNRO Donald 73 Private A Coy 20 Thurso, Caithness, Scotland
NYF  O'Donohue, Maurice 817 LCpl G Coy KIA 150425 O'DONOHUE Maurice 817 Lance Corporal G Coy 23 Horsham, Victoria, Australia
Not in Khufu Photo  noimage 100a PALMER David William 1167 Private

1st Reif

24 Rainhill, Liverpool, England
NYF  Price WG 704 Pte F KIA 150425 PRICE William George 704 Private F Coy 19 Minimi, New South Wales, Australia
592 592 PRIESTLEY Henry James Vivian 335 Private C Coy 27 Westernbury, Tasmania
NYF  noimage 100a REEVES Walter 711 Private F Coy 24 Fenditton Parish, Cambridgeshire, England
693 693 REID Mordaunt Leslie -- Lieutenant H Coy 33 Elmore, Victoria, Australia
Not in Khufu Photo Riekie Henry John Pte 1170 A Coy kia 150425 RIEKIE Henry John 1170 Private

1st Reif

36 Fitzroy, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
254 254 ROACH Wallie Passmore 348 Private C Coy 23 Kilkenny, South Australia
NYF Rundle RJM Pte 710 KIA 150425 RUNDLE Renton John Moyses 710 Private F Coy 19 Caltowie, South Australia
604 604 SAWLEY Harry 101 Lance Corporal A Coy 23 Burnley, Lancashire, England
246 246 SECCOMBE *** Frank William 497 Sergeant D Coy 32 Adelaide, South Australia
NYF  Scott BA 229 Pte B kia 150425 SCOTT Basil Archdeacon 229 Private B Coy 24 Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
NYF  noimage 100a SHARPE Guy Allen 231 Private B Coy 27 Old Charlton, Kent, England
015 015 SIMCOCK *** David John 951 Private HQ's 31 Callington, South Australia
NYF Smith Alfred Henry Pte 357 KIA 150425 SMITH Alfred Henry 357 Private C Coy 21 Adelaide, South Australia
NYF Sparrow RJ 103 Pte KIA 150425 SPARROW Rupert James 103 Private A Coy 22 Gippsland, Victoria, Australia
NYF Stables EP 830 Pte KIA 150425 STABLES Edward Pennell 830 Private G Coy 22 Perth, Western Australia
NYF  noimage 100a STATHAM Edward Harvey 104 Private A Coy 37 Rio de Janiero, Brazil
NYF  noimage 100a WALKER Ernest Percy 247 Private B Coy 23 Serviceton, Victoria, Australia
Not in Khufu Photo Walton Arthur 1189 Pte 1reif kia 150425 WALTON Arthur 1189 Private 1st Reif 27 Wrotham, Kent, England
NYF  noimage 100a WILCOX William John 245 Private B Coy 23 Peckham, London, England
193 Cheops ID# 193 - 496 Private Williams, Arthur James KIA 25 April 1915 WILLIAMS *** Arthur James 496 Private D Coy 37 Blackwood,Victoria, Australia
268 WILLIAMS Percy 738 Private F Coy 22 South Melbourne, Victoria, Australia





ID# 015 - SIMCOCK, David John, 951 Pte - KIA declared as 02 May 1915; Accounts from soldiers accompanying Simcock in the battle around Baby 700 attest that he died late in the afternoon of 25th April 1915 (while endeavouring to rescue a wounded soldier) - Sgt. G. Mason (Game to the Last, Hurst); Wm. Murray (Gallipoli, The Western Australian Story, Olson).

ID# 082 - BIGNELL, Edwin Allen, 1078 Pte - Shown in service records as KIA 02 May 1915. His section Corporal, TS Louch, states in his memoirs that David Crerar was killed at the landing on Gallipoli, 25 April 1915.

ID# 083 - CRERAR, David Knox, 873 Pte - Shown in service record as KIA 05 May 1915, however his section Corporal TS Louch states in his memoirs that David Crerar was killed at the landing on Gallipoli, 25 April 1915.

ID# 188 - BAILEY, Ben Harold, 272, Pte - KIA declared as 02 May 1915; Letter from friend Otto (O J) Siefkin to his mother dated 03 Sept 1915, states Bailey was killed within minutes of landing on 25 April 1915. Siefkin was later a P.O.W. and died from influenza at Gerdanen, East Prussia on 21 October 1918. (Gill, Fremantle to France, p407-8).

ID# 193 - WILLIAMS, Arthur James, 496 Pte - Shown in service records as DOW 28 April 1915. Eye witness accounts from soldiers in his company state that Pte Williams was killed on board the "Chelmer" prior to the men embarking into boats for the Gallipoli landing. There is a letter in his service records from his brother confirming accounts from his companions, in particular 487 Arthur Sampford (shows as Sanford in the letter). A letter home from Ted Mofflin (Sern 464) also records that Williams was hit while standing on the deck of the destroyer. Williams is generally accepted as being the first 11th Bn casualty (Hurst, Game To The Last, p43). We have included AJ Williams here as being KIA on the 25th April 1915.

ID# 485 - LARTER, George, 801, Cpl - KIA declared as 02 May 1915; Red Cross Wounded & Missing record shows 25 April 1915

ID# 644 - SECCOMBE, Frank William, 497, Sgt - KIA declared as 02 May 1915; Accounts from soldiers who were with Seccombe at the landing declared that he was killed in action soon after landing (Edward Inman diary).

ID# NYF - MAYNE, William Henry, 455 Pte - Shown in service record as KIA 25 April 1915

NYF = NOT YET FOUND in Khufu image 





Panel images courtesy Lee-Ann Atkinson & Chris Loudon
State War Memorial images courtesy Chris Loudon