Allan and Raye Ellam

Allan and Raye Ellam were responsible for collecting a vast amount of material, which they had on display at their residence in suburban Perth for many years, including photos and information gathered about men in the 11th Battalion Cheops photo.

It was Allans ambition to honour the memory of the men in the photo through the Ellam-Innes Collection, and to name as many men as possible.

Allan Ellam is pictured here with his Cheops photo c.a. July 2006. 

The Ellam-Innes Collection

Allan and his wife Raye (nee Innes) had in their possession photos, letters and other material collected over many years.

Allan Ellam & Cheops photo

Photo courtesy ABC "Can We Help" program archives:


Allan gifted the collection to the Princess Royal Fortress Military Museum, Forts Road, Mt Clarence, Albany after the death of his wife Raye. The Cheops photo, and other items in the Ellam-Innes collection are on display at the Museum.

Allan Ellam passed away on 2 Feb 2014.

We are indebted to Allan and his wife Raye for the work that they did in identifying men in the 11th Battalion Cheops photo.

WAGS 11th Battalion project

When WAGS commenced the 11th Battalion project on 10 January 2014, there was apx. 124 men identified in the Cheops photo, primarily due to the work of Allan and Raye Ellam and their collection.

We are also indebted to the curator of the Princess Royal Fortress Military Museum, David Theodore, for providing copies of their Ellam-Innes Cheops photo with the Ellam identified men showing.

These men have been incorporated into the grid image ID numbers on this website.

The WAGS 11th Battalion project is ongoing and this website will evolve as information comes to hand and is uploaded.

Lest we forget the soldiers of the 11th Battalion.