Submissions Blackboy Hill Training Camp Ernie FLYNN (left), others unidentified

Have a look at the tribute articles on the Tributes Page to get an idea of what has already been done.

When submitting material in support of an identification, or a story to be included in the tributes, please quote the grid square and soldier ID number, along with the soldiers service number.

This will assist us in reducing potential errors.

Submissions, along with supporting material, including a contemporary photograph if available, should be forwarded by email to Chris or Julie at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Specific permission must be provided by the submitter for WAGS to use any material, including that of copyright holders in the case of photographs. Attribution for material used will be provided.

Written submissions can also be sent by post to:

WAGS 11th Battalion Project, P.O. Box 265, Bayswater, Western Australia, 6933

or delivered to WAGS premised during normal opening hours at:

Unit 5, 48 May Street, Bayswater, Western Australia, 6053 Check WAGS website for: Opening Hours & Map

Tributes guide

We have not set any specific criteria for individual submissions. People have their own writing styles and each soldier has a unique story. Some families may want to include a wider narrative, some may want to stick to the story of the soldier himself, some tributes may be short others could be quite long. It is up to the submitter to determine what is appropriate to be included or excluded in a tribute submission. However, we may edit articles prior to publishing on this website.


A narrative of between 500 and 2,500 words along with a couple of photographs will work well on this website. If the narrative is on the longer side, then additional photos would be OK to help break up the narrative.


Please include photos. They not only put a face to the name, but they also provide good visual support to the wider dimensions of an article. Photos of people, places and events are great. We would prefer that you keep your original photos and would rather receive scanned images. However we can arrange to scan images and return the originals if required.


Submitted photo & support documents should be scanned at 300 dpi and submitted in jpeg format rather than as pdf document files. If you are unsure of how to provide a jpeg image, then send in a pdf file rather than not providing the photo or document.


Please send your article in as a plain text file or a Word / Libre Office document, without specific format or style sheet. We will format the article to fit with the style of the website, this may include inserting headings where appropriate.


We may edit articles submitted. We may also exclude, amend or enhance photos, or perhaps include additional images in the published article/s.


Please provide sources for your material, including web site addresses (URL's). We will acknowledge these in the published article.

Attribution and copyright

Attribution will be provided where appropriate and copyright holders acknowledged.

Soldier Identification & Verification

Submissions identifying a soldier will be independently verified wherever possible before any material is added to this website.

Identification and verification of a soldier is done by using whatever material is available to us. This includes, but it not limited to; anecdotal evidence from family members; primary and secondary documents; primary and or secondary photographic evidence, whether single or multiple independent photos from one or more sources; contemporary newspaper reports; published or unpublished books, journal articles and diaries; public and private collections; websites.

Submitted soldier photos, and / or images from other sources are used to compare with cropped images of the men in the Khufu (Cheops) photo. Not all of the men are readily identifiable for a variety of reasons including; the clarity of images, the level of detail available, scan quality and dirt, damage or other issues associated with deterioration due the age of the images.

Identification colour coding

Identification numbers on the Grid Photo are as follows:

 White ID numbers      = Soldier is yet to be identified

 Yellow ID numbers    = Soldier has been tentatively identified but not verified

 Green ID numbers     = Soldier has been verified (by above methods and subject to the following conditions).

Changes to identifications

There are degrees of certainty implied within the colour codes we are using and whilst every effort is made to ensure that any given identification is as correct as we can determine, there may be occasional errors and or incorrect identifications. When we find (or are provided with) compelling evidence of an error, either in an original identification from the Ellam-Innes collection or in a subsequent identification or verification, we will make a correction an identification based on the evidence available.