11Bn Descendants Kings Park 10 Jan 2015

 11th Battalion Descendants at the Flame of Remembrance Kings Park, 10 Jan 2015

After breakfast this morning the whole Battalion descendants was gathered up to the Kings Park Flame and Memorial and we had a photo took, or at least several of them.
(Capt. Barnes - 10 Jan 2015?)

We can imagine that had he been here, Captain Barnes would have made his diary entry for 10 Jan 2015 along the lines above. We can also be pretty sure he would have enjoyed seeing so many of the original 11th Battalion descendants gathered for a commemorative service and to "have a photo took, or several of them".

Well some of Captain Barnes family attended the Centenary event and "had their photo took", along with many other families of his fellow 11th Battalion soldiers.

After collating, the individual photos are now available, along with the opportunity to identify the descendants in the various images below.

Clicking on the images below will open up a Grid Image behind those shown here. The grid images are quite large so please be patient while they render in your browser.

Once the image has loaded, right click and save it to your hard drive, open it with a photo program and find your ID#'s. For audio, compiled video and transcription of the principal address at the commemoration service on 10 Jan 2015 at the Flame of Remembrance and War Memorial, Kings Park, Perth, click here >> address by Brig. Duncan Warren AM RFD.

Group Photo 1 - 11Bn Event Whole Group

The Whole Group Photo of those who attended the event (Click to zoom on grid photo)


Group Photo 2 - 11Bn Descendants Main Group

The Descendants only Main Group Photo (Click to zoom on grid photo)



Group Photo 3 - 11Bn Descendants Flame Group

The Descendants only Flame Group Photo (Click to zoom on grid photo)


Group Photo 4 - 11Bn Descendants Drone Group

The Descendants only Drone Group Photo (Click to zoom on grid photo)
Note: The Drone photo has no ID#'s due to the lack of clarity, but has been gridded to provide some reference points in the image.



Banner Photos - Descendants in front of the 11Bn Banner

There are many groups and individuals who had their photos taken in front of the WAGS 11Bn Big Banner. These photos are being distributed to their respective groups. We are gathering the ID's for each of the participants in these photos well, sample below: wags-group3 WAGS volunteers, Graham, Liana & Chris in front of the Cheops Banner at the WA War Memorial Crypt 10 Jan 2015

Tell us who you are

These images are available to those who participated in the event. We ask that you have a look at each of the grid photos on the links below, identify yourself and others who were there with you, then fill in the details on the Photo Details Identification & Order Form on the WAGS website so that we have a record of the names of people and the soldier that you are associated with (if any) in the various photos below.

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