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11Bn tributes and stories

We currently have tributes on these pages for 35 soldiers, with many more to come.

Tribute articles on the links below will provide an idea of what has already been done.

For further information and hints have a look at our Guide to Submissions and Tributes page.


Submissions Blackboy Hill Training Camp Ernie FLYNN (left), others unidentified

Have a look at the tribute articles on the Tributes Page to get an idea of what has already been done.

When submitting material in support of an identification, or a story to be included in the tributes, please quote the grid square and soldier ID number, along with the soldiers service number.

This will assist us in reducing potential errors.


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11th Battalion stretcher bearers in training prior to leaving Blackboy Hill c.a. Sept 1914

11th Battalion stretcher bearers
in training prior to leaving Blackboy Hill c.a. Sept 1914
(Image courtesy the Blanchard collection)