11Bn Descendants Kings Park 10 Jan 2015

 11th Battalion Descendants at the Flame of Remembrance Kings Park, 10 Jan 2015

After breakfast this morning the whole Battalion descendants was gathered up to the Kings Park Flame and Memorial and we had a photo took, or at least several of them.
(Capt. Barnes - 10 Jan 2015?)

We can imagine that had he been here, Captain Barnes would have made his diary entry for 10 Jan 2015 along the lines above. We can also be pretty sure he would have enjoyed seeing so many of the original 11th Battalion descendants gathered for a commemorative service and to "have a photo took, or several of them".

Well some of Captain Barnes family attended the Centenary event and "had their photo took", along with many other families of his fellow 11th Battalion soldiers.

Primary Address by Brigadier Duncan Warren AM RFD (Retd)

War Memorial and Flame of Remembrance, Kings Park, Perth Western Australia (Photo courtesy Chris Loudon)01 - Brig. Duncan Warren-smlBrigadier Duncan Warren has a distinguished career in the Australian Army and is currently Head Warden for the Western Australian War Memorial.

Brig. Warren's address at the 11th Battalion Commemoration Service on 10 January 2015 was a fitting tribute to the men of the 11th Battalion.

This video includes an audio track of Brig. Warren's speech and a transcription of the speech is included below.


11th Battalion family gathers at the War Memorial

Kings Park Perth, Jan 10 2015

Together 100 Years Apart Today, 100 years to the day and the hour since the Cheops Photo was taken, saw some 800 descendants of the soldiers of the 11th Battalion gathered at the Flame of Remembrance and War Memorial at Kings Park in Perth for a Commemorative Service and photo opportunity.

These images will give a sense of what the day was like for the descendants who managed to gather for the service.

Together 100 Years Apart

10 Jan 1915 11Bn at Khufu Pyramid, Giza, Egypt - 10 Jan 2015 11Bn Families at State War Memorial, Kings Park, Perth, WA

11th Battalion Kings Park Commemoration Service Event 10 Jan 2015

1 z comm-final smlWe hope you can join us for the 11th Battalion Centenary Commemorative Service at the Flame of Remembrance, Perth War Memorial, Kings Park, Perth, Western Australia on 10 January 2015.

The service is open to all and will commence at 09:00am and finish at approximately 10:30am.

This event is for any 11Bn soldier, not just those in the Cheops photo.

Beth talks about her dad James

Beth points to her father James Rule ID# 601 in the Cheops Pyramid photo.

Beth points to her father James Rule in the Cheops Pyramid photo

Thanks to Beth for sharing her insights about her father James Frederick Rule's experience in this short video by The West Australian's digital editor Kate Ferguson. The West has been most generous in supporting our project and we thank them for their continued support of our 11th Battalion project.

For a full list of names of the soldiers who may be in the Cheops photo, go to the 11th Battalion original enlistments page

Everyone is welcome to attend the Commemoration Service at Kings Park on 10 Jan 2015.