11Bn Stretcher Bearers

11th Battalion Stretcher Bearers - Who are they?

We are endeavouring to name the 11th Battalion men shown in this stretcher bearers photo taken in 1914 at Helena Vale Racecourse - the caption is as it appeared with the photo in "Legs Eleven" published in the Western Mail in 1938-39.

If you know who they are, please respond to The Western Australian Geneaolical Society (WAGS) 11th Battalion Project by email at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

See below for more detail and known identifications...

The original caption from the newspapers of the day reads:

The original Stretcher Bearers,11th Battalion, A.I.F., at Helena vale racecourse, 1914. The oifficer on the horseis Captain (Dr.) E. T Brennan and some of those in the ranks are Le Fort, Haddon, H. Eastcott, C. Bader, Corp. W. Wright (on right), Fosdick, A. Dow, R. Hallahan (brother of Wally), W. Irving, Turner and T. Priestman.

 11th Battalion Stretcher Bearers - Sep-Oct 1914 - Helena Vale Racecourse11th Battalion Stretcher Bearers, Helena Vale Racecourse Sep-Oct 1914
(Image courtesy Murray Blanchard) - (click image to zoom)

Men known to be in the above image and yet to be identified include: Le Fort, Haddon, Hallahan, and Irving (all mentioned in the newspaper caption)

Other men known to be stretcher bearers and identified are; Combs (ID# 03), Cooper (Qry ID# 01), Gilmore (ID# 02), Goodlet (ID# 08), Neale (Qry ID# 15) and Rudd (Qry ID# 12)

This leaves us with 4 other unknown men that are in the above image, and in the list below.

Identifications of 11th Battalion Stretcher Bearers in photo at Helena Vale Racecourse in Sep-Oct 1914.
Note: NYF = Not Yet Found in Cheops image; (Qry) = Query on identification, i.e. not 100% certain

ID #'s Image Sern Surname Given Names Enlist Rank Enlist Coy Cheops
Photo ID#
ID# 01 01Sb  640
 Cooper (Qry) Arthur William Riccard Corporal
ID# 02 02Sb  175  Gilmore William Arthur Private  B Coy

ID# 404


ID# 03 03Sb  525  Combs George Frederick Private  E Coy ID# 340
ID# 04 04Sb  165  Fosdick (Qry) George Brand Private  A Coy NYF
ID# 05 05Sb    Unknown       NYF 
ID# 06 06Sb    Unknown       Qry ID# 517517
ID# 07 07Sb  30  Dow Alexander Innes Private A Coy  ID# 653653
ID# 08 08Sb  909  Goodlet Walter William Private H Coy ID# 366336
ID# 09 09Sb  397  Turner (Qry) Edward John Private HQ AAMC Qry ID# 652652
ID# 10 10Sb  592 Rudd (Qry) Thomas Adamthwaite Private E Coy ID# 291291
ID# 11 11Sb    Unknown       Qry ID# 561561
ID# 12 12Sb  Unknown
Qry ID# 360360
ID# 13 13Sb  Unknown  NYF
ID# 14 14Sb  Unknown NYF
ID# 15 15Sb  83  Neale (Qry) John Spencer Private HQ NYF
ID# 16 16Sb  395  Eastcott Herbert John E Private HQ  ID# 544554
ID# 17 17Sb  396  Priestman Thomas James Private HQ AAMC ID# 299299
ID# 18 18Sb  394  Bader Carl Henry William Private HQ AAMC NYF
ID# 19 19Sb    Unknown     HQ AAMC NYF
ID# 20 20Sb    Unknown     HQ AAMC NYF
ID# 21 21Sb  398  Wright (MM) William Hammond Corporal HQ AAMC ID# 358 358
ID# 22 22Sb  Capt.  Brennan Dr. Edward Thomas Captain HQ M.O. ID# 698698