11th Battalion pyramid photo identifications - Indexes

Of the 704 men in the 11th Battalion Cheops photo, there are currently (as at 06 June 2014);

150 men identified 58 men verified 92 men to be verified

The above numbers include 41 men identified as having died poppy2 from causes associated with their service - of which 24 were associated with the Gallipoli campaign. Causes of death include those killed in action (KIA), died of wounds (DOW), and died of sickness/illness (DOS).


The following indexes available here, click links below for index of interest;

1) Photo ID# index (also in grid & row - this index is constantly updated)

2) Original Enlistments (in service/regimental number order by Company)

3) KIA April 25 1915  (11th Bn men known to have died at the Gallipoli landing)

4) 11th Battalion embarkation table (List of original enlistment embarkation numbers by company)

The Photo ID# Index will be updated as new material comes to hand.  

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