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Information on this website has been gathered from many different sources, including contributions from organisations, government agencies, museums, historians, archives and other repositories, official and unofficial records, websites, books and magazine articles, and in particular from descendants and other family members of soldiers who served with the 11th Battalion, some of whom are shown in the Cheops photo of the 11th Battalion.

Acknowledgement of the sources for an item or story will be shown with the item or story wherever possible.

Obituary - Allan Ellam

Allan Ellam passed away on 2 February 2014.

The Western Australian Genealogical Society Inc. (WAGS) is indebted to the late Allan and wife Raye Ellam for the passion and dedication that they exhibited in their work in identifying the men in the 11th Battalion Cheops photo.

The Western Australian Newspaper of 26 March 2014 ran an Obituary notice on Allan, which we have provided here.

Allan and Raye Ellam

Allan and Raye Ellam were responsible for collecting a vast amount of material, which they had on display at their residence in suburban Perth for many years, including photos and information gathered about men in the 11th Battalion Cheops photo.

It was Allans ambition to honour the memory of the men in the photo through the Ellam-Innes Collection, and to name as many men as possible.

Allan Ellam is pictured here with his Cheops photo c.a. July 2006.