Image Sources & Acknowledgements

There are many images on this website. Some are from family members of the soldier concerned, others from various sources including the State Library of Western Australia (SLWA), the Australian War Memorial (AWM), and the National Library of Australia (NAA), Trove newspaper portal site. Images sourced from individuals and organisations are acknowledged where they appear. Permission to use images has been provided by all individuals who provided the image to WAGS for use on this website.

Cheops photo

The original Cheops image used on this website, accessible via links on various pages on this web site, is adjusted and enhanced copies of the State Library of Western Australia accession number 4496b.

The SLWA image scan has some serious flaws.

Consequently the SLWA image has been digitally enhanced by WAGS member Chris Loudon, and the enhanced version is the one used on this website. The enhancements include replacing and or enhancing some men in the Cheops photo (particularly their faces), with cropped images from a scan of another Cheops photo, donated to WAGS by a member of the public. We understand that this image is a commercial reproduction of the Australian War Memorial image P05717.001.

Other images

Images of soldiers have been gathered by the WAGS Cheops project team from many sources, including family members. Some images of soldiers have been gathered from the National Archives of Australia Trove newspaper website from numerous news articles of the time. Some of these images may have been enhanced to improve their clarity.

Image enhancement

Irrespective of the source, the cropped images and head shots of soldiers shown on this website may have been enhanced in several ways in an endeavour to make the soldiers image clearer. Enhancements may include; noise reduction, sharpening the image, adjusting the brightness, contrast and colour curves, and cloning parts of an image to overcome flaws in the original. Unless otherwise stated, enhancements are the work of WAGS member Chris Loudon.