11Bn ANZAC March 1965

25 April 1965 - Perth Anzac parade - Who are they?

We are endeavouring to name the 11th Battalion men shown in this Anzac day photo from the 50th anniversary parade on 25 April 1965.

If you know who they are, please respond to The Western Australian Geneaolical Society (WAGS) 11th Battalion Project by email at:

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1965-04-25 11Bn ANZAC March 1965-a3-sml11Bn Veterans Perth Anzac Day parade 25 April 1965
(Image courtesy June Wallinger)


Numbered image - 11th Battalion veterans at Perth Anzac Day parade 25 April 1965

1965-04-25 11Bn ANZAC March 1965(click image to zoom)


 Identification of 11th Battalion veterans marching in Perth Anzac Day parade 1965.

ID #'s Sern Surname Given Names Enlist Rank Enlist Coy Cheops
Photo ID#
(Click for image)
ID# 01
ID# 02 733 WILLIAMS Stanley Maunder
Pte F Coy #269
ID# 03
ID# 05
ID# 06  899 PENNY Horace Sleeman Pte H Coy #423
ID# 07
ID# 08
ID# 09 1037 READING Charles William James Pte G Coy Not yet found
ID# 10
ID# 11
ID# 12 395 EASTCOTT Herbert John (Bull) Pte HQ (AAMC) #554
ID# 13 909 GOODLETT Walter William
Pte H Coy
ID# 14
ID# 15