poppy2 George HENDERSON SMITH – KIA & poppy2 Christopher FORREST – KIA, Cheops ID#'s unknown

Pte. FORREST, Christopher Frank 431 - ca 1914 - Not ID'd in Cheops photo2nd Lt. HENDERSON - SMITH, George Holt 618 - ca 1914 - Not ID'd in Cheops photo

"This war is a sorry thing for Australia..."

George Holt Henderson Smith (above left) and Chris Forrest (above right) enlisted in the AIF at Blackboy Hill, Western Australia in the August of 1914. Chris was twenty, George nineteen.

John Edward HILL - RTA - ID# Not yet identified

HILL_John Edward 437 - 01, c 1914- ex Judy PurkissJohn Edward Hill was the second of thirteen children born to Edgar William and Amelia Hill (nee Brown).

He was known as Jack and J.E. and worked as an iron turner in England before migrating to Australia.

We are yet to identify young John Hill in the 11th Battalion Cheops photo.

poppy2 Crispin Kenworthy BATTYE - KIA - ID# 499

Pte. BATTYE, Crispin Kenworthy - Cheops Pyramid 10 Jan 1915Crispin Kenworthy Battye was born in the summer of 1876 at Hindmarsh, which is an inner western suburb of Adelaide.

Crispin was the sixth of eleven children born to William and Sarah Battye, with three sisters and seven brothers, although four of the children died in infancy. All the children were born in the Hindmarsh area.

His father William had a younger brother also named Crispin Kenworthy Battye.

It is likely that with a large family, the children’s education was fairly basic.

poppy2 Frank Henry Burton ADCOCK (394) - KIA - ID# 343

poppy2 Frederick Brenchley ADCOCK (1044) - KIA - ID# 341

Pte. ADCOCK, Frank Henry Burton 343 - Cheops Pyramid 10 Jan 1915

Pte. ADCOCK, Frederick Brenchley - Cheops Pyramid 10 Jan 1915


"The War will involve much suffering"


poppy2 LAMERTON, Lt. George Arthur M.C. - KIA - ID# 456

Corporal George Arthur LAMERTON 10 Jan 1915 Cheops Pyramid, Egypt

Corporal George Arthur LAMERTON 565 embarked from Fremantle per Ascanius (A11) with E Company. He has been identified as ID# 573 in the Cheops photo.

Corporal Lamerton was promoted to Lieutenant and was distinguished through his action on the Western Front where he earned the Military Cross.

poppy2 Lt. David Henderson MacDonald - KIA - ID# 694

Lt David Henderson MacDONALD 10 Jan 1915 Cheops Pyramid

David Henderson MacDonald was born on 27th April 1889, the third of the four children of William and Kate (nee Henderson) MacDonald.

David's family had migrated from Scotland to Newtown, New South Wales in the late 1880s.