11th Battalion family gathers at the War Memorial

Kings Park Perth, Jan 10 2015

Together 100 Years Apart Today, 100 years to the day and the hour since the Cheops Photo was taken, saw some 800 descendants of the soldiers of the 11th Battalion gathered at the Flame of Remembrance and War Memorial at Kings Park in Perth for a Commemorative Service and photo opportunity.

These images will give a sense of what the day was like for the descendants who managed to gather for the service.

Together 100 Years Apart

10 Jan 1915 11Bn at Khufu Pyramid, Giza, Egypt - 10 Jan 2015 11Bn Families at State War Memorial, Kings Park, Perth, WA

Together 100 Years Apart

Click here for the address given by Brigadier Duncan Warren on 10 Jan 2015 at the State War Memorial, Kings Park, Perth Western Australia.

TV News coverage of Commemoration Service

Courtesy Channel Nine Perth - Jan 10 2015

Some images from the 11Bn Commemoration Service - Jan 10 2015

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