Robert Paul McInerney - RTA - ID# 165

Paul McINERNEY Cheops Pyramid ID#165 - 10 Jan 1915


He talked about his war service, but never with regret.


My father, Paul McInerney, was a strong personality and a dominant force in my life.

To this day I can recall the sound of his voice, the stories he told, the words he used, and remember the views he expressed and the values he held. His was a life full of varied experiences which he enjoyed with vigour and enthusiasm.

poppy2 David John SIMCOCK - KIA - ID# 15


I carnt berleeve he's gorn - Pore ole Pink


He was just a private, one of the many in the original 11th Battalion and yet everyone knew him. His shock of bright red hair made him instantly recognizable, but it was his magnetism, his humour, his personality which stood him apart from the others.

In 1914, aged 31 with a wife, two children and a fruit and vegetable business to manage, he could have easily left the fighting to younger men but he was amongst the first to enlist when the call went out for recruits for the Australian Infantry Forces.

William Harold (Bill) MOFFLIN (507) - RTA - ID# 409

poppy2 Edward Walter (Ted) MOFFLIN (464) - DOW - ID# 410

poppy2 Percy Sutherland MOFFLIN (227) - KIA - 10th LH

Horace Elgar MOFFLIN (6282/7102) - RTA - 16 Bn

MOFFLIN, William Harold Pte 507 10 Jan 1915 Khufu PyramidMOFFLIN, Edward Walter L/Cpl 464 10 Jan 1915 Khufu Pyramid

This Cheops photo had an important place in my childhood

Joelle Tinomano (nee Mofflin) 10 Jan 2015

In her own words, Joelle tells us what the Cheops photo means to her and her family. 

poppy2 George Larter - KIA - ID# 485

George LARTER - 10 Jan 1915, Khufu Pyramid, Giza, Egypt

"He rose responsive to his country’s call
and gave for her his best, his life, his all"

Early life

The West Australian port of Fremantle was experiencing a typical warm, sunny spring day on the last Tuesday of November 1910 when the passenger ship Orvieto, carrying two hundred and twenty two nominated and assisted immigrants from the ‘old country’ steamed through The Heads and into the harbour.

Eighteen year old George Larter was one of that number.

Joseph Eric PIERCY, Lance Corporal, 343 – RTA – ID# 032

Joseph Eric PIERCY, 34 L/Cpl Cheops Pyramid 10 Jan 1915

A Professional Soldier

Like many other men in Western Australian in the early 1900's Joseph Eric Piercy commenced his military service by serving in the 11th Australian Regiment (Perth Regiment).

When he enlisted at Blackboy Hill in the Perth foothills on the 2nd of September 1914, 15 days shy of his 24th birthday, he had already served 3 years and 4 months in the Perth Regiment.

Lt. John Arnold ARCHIBALD - DOW - ID# 506

Sgt John Arnold ARCHIBALD - 10 Jan 1915 Khufu Pyramid, Giza, Egypt

Part 2 - The Jacksons and Archibalds - Extraordinary service, extraordinary lives

John Arnold Archibald was born in 1890 in Ulmarra, in the Clarence River district of New South Wales. (His Service Record which states Leederville, WA is incorrect). He was the youngest child of William Thomas Powell/Pouel Archibald, and Clara Amelia Archibald (nee Baker). His parents were married in Sydney in 1872 and had nine children - 5 sons and 4 daughters - all born between 1873 and 1890 when the family was living in the Clarence River area.