Cyril BOLLE, Lance Corporal, 907 – KIA – ID# 587

L/Cpl Cyril BOLLE Cheops Pyramid 10 Jan 1915

A treasured story

Rita Hodges (nee Bolle) died at the age of 35 leaving 4 young daughters between the ages of 9 and 14. She was only one and a half years old when her older brother Nicholas was killed at Gallipoli on 25 April 1915.

Her memories of her older brother would have been virtually non existent.

Patrick George GREEN, 907 – RTA – ID# 407

407A different world

Life in Australia in the 21st century is vastly different to the environment which our World War 1 ancestors knew. Their parents were our pioneers striving to make a life for their families in undeveloped bush regions.Their lives were tough, their sons and daughters had to be forged in steel to survive.

I wonder how many of us would have the sheer grit the average person needed to live in the south west of Western Australia in those early days.


"Peachy" Green respected Turkish soldiers

Frederick Noel Gilkinson ARNOT - RTA - ID# 335

ARNOT, Frederick Noel Gilkinson S#510 Cheops ID#335



"I loved this flag"



It was The Kalgoorlie Miner of Friday 21st August which stated that Fred Arnot had indeed been chosen as one of the last twenty four and that afternoon, led by three pipers and a drummer, he marched to the Kalgoorlie Railway station with his fellow recruits and left on his great adventure, an adventure which was to last four long harrowing and arduous years. 

2nd Lt. Samuel Henry JACKSON - RTA - ID# 681

2Lt Samuel Henry JACKSON


Part 1 - The Jacksons and Archibalds - Extraordinary service, extraordinary lives



Family Background

To gain an insight into the family background of Samuel Henry Jackson and the influences on his life, one only needs to read the Funeral Notice of his father, Samuel Bowman Jackson, as published in The West Australian of Thursday 22 May, 1941.

S# 821 Private Charles William POWER - DOS

1 A11 Ascanius 1a AWM H16157 150x150On this day - 11 November 1914 - On board HMAT Ascanius (A11) the second death of the 11th Battalion after embarkation.821 Private Charles William Power, G Company, died of pneumonia and was buried at sea, just one day after the first soldier from the 11th Battalion died.

Private Charles William Power was a single man, a farmer 19 and a half years of age, his next of kin being his parents Mary and Alfred Power, named as his father Alfred, farmers at Birchip in Victoria.

S# 21 Private Frederick Courtney - DOS

A7 HMAT Medic slwa b1985973On this day - 10 November 1914 - On board HMAT Medic (A7) first death of the 11th Battalion after embarkation.

21 Private Frederick Courtney, A Company, died of sickness (pneumonia) at 3:30 am, and was buried at sea at 11:00 am.

Pte Courtney was a single man, 21 years of age, his next of kin being his father at No. 1 State Mill at Manjimup, Western Australia.